Bergen-Belsen International Summer School


The Bergen-Belsen International Summer School is aimed at international students from different disciplines interested in the challenges of commemorative culture in a global, digital and medial context. The summer school offers lectures, guided tours, workshops and discussions held in English. Its aim is to develop visions for the future of educational work at museums and memorials.

The Bergen-Belsen International Summer School wants to give participants a deeper insight into the work of Bergen-Belsen as an international place of remembrance and learning while also exposing the students to the perspectives and projects of international speakers and scholars.


We have hosted the Summer School annually since 2014 and have gained a lot of interesting and valuable insights. For 2021 we have decided to evaluate our programme to make sure we are keeping it as up-to-date, inclusive and inviting as possible. This means that there will be no Summer School this year.



Information for Participants