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Nicola Schlichting has been a research assistant in the Education and Encounters department since 2011. She is the point of contact for the freelancers working in Visitor Services and is responsible for the training and further education of the guides who accompany registered groups attending various educational events in the context of our Visitor Services. She is additionally responsible for the individuals completing a voluntary social service year in politics, from the application phase to the completion of the year. Nicola Schlichting is the point of contact for visitors, group leaders and educators who have questions about the content to be covered during their visit or about special educational programmes

Nicola Schlichting designs, develops and tests educational materials and programmes. She helps develop informational material for the Memorial’s outdoor areas and the exhibition, and she is concerned with issues of inclusion. She also works as a freelance historian and lecturer for organisations such as the Nuremberg Institute for Holocaust Studies, and she regularly publishes work on the topics of Jewish history and the history of the Jewish DPs in the western zones of occupation, particularly the Belsen DP camp.

Nicola Schlichting has a master’s degree in Jewish studies and history. She studied these disciplines at the universities of Potsdam and Cologne. During her studies, she spent four months as an intern at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem, and she completed several language courses in Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) and Yiddish. As part of her work for the Memorial, she regularly attends seminars and further education courses on topics relating to the educational work of memorials, and she regularly leads the seminar for freelance workers at memorials, which is held annually in different locations.



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„Öffnet die Tore von Erez Israel“: Das jüdische DP-Camp Belsen 1945-1948, Nürnberg 2005.