Mariusz Rybak



Tel. +49 (0)5051 - 479-81

Mariusz Rybak works for the specialist coordination office of the ‘Partnership for Democracy in Bergen’, a cooperative project between the city of Bergen and the Bergen-Belsen Memorial. Since the end of 2021, Mariusz Rybak has been the point of contact for local associations, institutions and individuals interested in carrying out projects in the context of the ‘Demokratie leben’ programme of the federal government. He advises them on the funding opportunities available through the programme, provides conceptual and administrative support during the application process, and offers ongoing guidance for the individual measures that are approved.

Mariusz Rybak studied social sciences in Cracow and Berlin and worked as a research assistant in Berlin, Belgrade and East Lansing/Michigan. He subsequently joined the Slow Food organization dedicated to a sustainable and fair food industry and supervised projects for preserving agricultural biodiversity. Until autumn 2021 he worked in the Integration Office of Berlin-Neukölln, where he coordinated multiple measures financed by the state and the EU to foster the inclusion of refugees and EU citizens who have recently arrived. He is also working towards a doctorate in history at Technische Universität Dresden.