The Dead of the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

At least 38,000 people died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp between April 1943, when the camp was established, and the 15th of April 1945, the day the camp was liberated. Despite the extensive rescue and relief efforts of the British Army, 14,000 more children, women and men died in the first weeks after liberation as a result of epidemic diseases, malnutrition and the abuse they had experienced. As well as the total of 52,000 deaths in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, several hundred people died during three evacuation transports from Bergen-Belsen and in other locations after liberation. In addition, after leaving Bergen-Belsen and being taken to neighbouring hospitals, their countries of origin or to Sweden for convalescence, many survivors died as a result of their imprisonment. These people are also victims of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and are included in the Book of the Dead.


The SS was directly responsible for the deaths of all of these individuals.




Despite decades of research, it has only been possible to discover the names and details of around 11,500 of all those who died. It is deeply painful that the vast majority of the children, women and men who perished are destined to remain nameless. The Book of the Dead is part of the endeavour to commemorate the names of all the dead. It is unfinished.