Foto: Jesco Denzel, Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen

Education and Encounters

One of the priorities of the educational work at the Memorial is to encourage critical analysis of the history of the Bergen-Belsen POW and concentration camp, the Bergen-Belsen DP camp, and the lasting impact of the site's history. The Education and Encounters department offers a wide range of suitable topics and methods for doing this. The offers include half- and full-day events and well as multi-day seminars. We develop special programmes based on the time available and the interests, desires, and prior knowledge of a group.

All of the educational programmes involve visiting the historical grounds of the camp and the permanent exhibition. The points of reference here include historical sources, including the memoirs of former prisoners. The perspective of those responsible for the crimes becomes clear in the contrast with these sources.

This educational work should motivate visitors to explore the history of National Socialism, to question concepts of history, and to develop their own positions. It is important for this to take place in an environment without pressure, so that all participants can contribute their own knowledge and skills. The events are designed to be as interactive as possible. Questions and discussion are explicitly encouraged.

Guided tours for registered groups