Travelling exhibition: Life lines. Persecution and survival as reflected in the Shaul Ladany collection

Shaul Ladany was deported from Hungary to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp with his family in 1944 at the age of eight. He was one of the few Jewish prisoners who were saved through negotiations conducted by Hungarian and Swiss Jewish foundations with the SS and were able to travel to Switzerland in December 1944. Shaul Ladany later emigrated to Israel, where he became a famous scholar and athlete. He participated as a race walker in the Olympic Games in Munich, where he survived the attack by Palestinian terrorists on the Israeli team on 5 September 1972.

Shaul Ladany has a large collection of original documents relating to his persecution by the Nazis. These documents are being publicly presented for the first time, together with information about the German occupation of Serbia and Hungary and the rescue efforts of the Hungarian Zionist Rudolf Kasztner, and about the fresh start of survivors in the newly founded State of Israel.

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