Foto: Jesco Denzel, Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen

Multi-day offers for groups


Due to the corona pandemic and the current development of the infection situation, there will be no educational offers for registered groups. Changes will be announced immediately.



Multi-day programmes make it possible to investigate various aspects of the Nazi period in more depth, and they generally offer an opportunity to work in small groups. These programmes revolve around topics that relate specifically to the Bergen-Belsen site. The topics are handled in an action-oriented, multi-perspectival way using a wide variety of methods. The goal is encourage an individual approach to the subject matter. Multi-day events are available for groups of 10 or more and are based on the desires and interests of the participants.

The participants can discover the historical site, work together to investigate various topics, and discuss what they have learned. The multi-day format provides an excellent opportunity to delve into special interests, intensively discuss different perceptions, learn about new aspects, work with different methods, and let the topic “sink in”.

The extra time allows for the exploration of unusual and lesser-known facets of the events at Bergen-Belsen, as well as for less frequently asked questions – such as about what happened “afterward”, forms of remembrance, and the significance of grappling with these issues. It also makes it possible to expand the participants’ view of current events. We recommend allotting three days for a seminar, including arrival and departure.

Please call or email us to discuss your interests and requests for an event. The Education and Encounters department will be happy to tell you about various topics and formats for seminars, workshops, and further education programmes.

These events are designed for adults and young people who are 14 or older, and they are held in German and English.