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  • International encounters

    International encounters

    The Bergen-Belsen Memorial regularly organises international encounters for young people and adults. Multi-perspectivity is the main methodological foundation of these projects. Group diversity and different cultural backgrounds and individual life experiences help the participants expand their own perspectives and question their attitudes. By talking about different approaches to history in each country and the respective memory culture(s) and policies of dealing with the past, the participants can learn new ways of thinking and come to a better understanding of different viewpoints. This international exchange should enable critical reflection on different national concepts of history.

    Enabling collaborative learning - Through training sessions and professional programmes, educators from schools and other institutions can gain the qualifications they need to supervise international youth groups as they explore the history of National Socialism. The use of different methods – such as video projects, writing workshops, and theatre pedagogy – promotes sharing and togetherness, which contributes significantly to an open, respectful working atmosphere.

    Creating an international network - These international encounters and exchanges are accompanied by a wide range of supporting activities. Communal cultural or sporting events and visits to cities, communities, and initiatives can strengthen the feeling of togetherness and make it easier to process the thematic input. These encounters often lead to long-term personal relationships. The Bergen-Belsen Memorial works with various national and international partners to organise youth encounters, professional exchanges, workshops, and further education events with international participation and transnational perspectives.

  • Bergen-Belsen International Summer School

    Bergen-Belsen International Summer School

    The Bergen-Belsen International Summer School (BBISS) is a seminar for international bachelor’s and master’s degree students in various disciplines. Once a year, around 20 students come together to discuss digital, media, and global developments in memorial work and memory culture relating to the topic of National Socialism. The BBISS offers a varied programme of lectures, tours, workshops, discussions, and excursions. Each year focuses on a different topic, such as “Digitalisation", “Concepts of Space”, or “Memory, Commemoration, and Bearing Witness”. During the International Summer School, the participants intensively explore the history of the camp and the work of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial. In addition, external speakers, well-known scholars, and employees from other memorials provide insights into current research debates and developments in the European memorial landscape. Participants from different countries and disciplines bring their own unique perspectives to the programme. These encounters facilitate an intensive discussion of individual views of history and a reflection on existing concepts of history.


  • Further education events

    Further education events

    Further education offers for students, teachers and trainee teachers, and educators in the fields of historical-political, youth, and adult education play an important role at the Memorial. Participants get to know the historical site and can familiarize themselves with the variety of topics and methodological approaches at an extracurricular place of learning. These programmes are based on the individual desires and requirements of the group and are developed in close coordination with the participants. They offer an opportunity to test thematic modules and talk about aspects of teaching history. The Memorial's employees also share tips on planning a visit to the Memorial and present options for preparing for and following up on the visit.

    Events for teachers are announced well in advance in the events database (VeDaB) of the Lower Saxony State Institute for Quality Development in Schools (NLQ) and on this website. We offer further education events for people wanting to work with groups at Bergen-Belsen themselves. Teachers and educators from other extracurricular educational institutions can also qualify to independently prepare for and follow up on a Memorial visit with (international) youth and adult groups, or to supervise their groups as they explore the history of National Socialism.