Sabine Bergmann



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Sabine Bergmann has worked as a research assistant at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial since June 2006. She is the point of contact for multi-day events for various national and international target groups which combine historical teaching with creative methods of learning. These include photo workshops and seminars which use theatre and writing workshop techniques, drawing, comic illustration and music. The programmes are discussed, planned and carried out in cooperation with the accompanying workshop or seminar guides. Sabine Bergmann develops and tests educational materials and programmes for the Memorial, for both young people and adults. She works with very diverse groups, such as schools, various youth groups, and adults associated with trade unions, churches, the military and different clubs. Sabine Bergmann also contributed to the three-year model project on “Memorial pedagogy and contemporary relevance – Self-identity and concept development”, which involved twelve memorial and educational sites in Germany, Austria and Poland. This project led to the further education programme known as “Unsettling Places”.

Sabine Bergmann has a master's degree in ethnology, communication studies and cultural anthropology. She studied at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Between graduating from secondary school and starting university, she trained as an office administrator at ADAC Lower Saxony. In the years that followed, she worked while successfully completing training as a further education manager at the University of Hanover. She was a freelancer in the Museum Pedagogy department of the Hanover Historical Museum.