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  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergen-Belsen

    Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergen-Belsen

    The registered association AG Bergen-Belsen was founded in 1985 by dedicated private individuals. At the time, the Memorial consisted of just a very small exhibition and one caretaker. In 1985, the AG Bergen-Belsen began developing informational material for visitors about the history of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, offering tours, holding commemorative events, and organising projects for young people. It articulated the following demands for a memorial: dignified remembrance and commemoration; qualified research, documentation and archiving covering all groups of victims, including Soviet POWs; tours; and a library, bookshop and cafeteria. Most of these demands have since been met.

    The AG Bergen-Belsen views itself as a critical, independent supporter of and contributor to the work of the Foundation. The AG turned the loading platform with its historical goods wagon into a memorial site. It also promotes youth work with its “We write your names” project for schoolchildren and the creation of a "Path of Remembrance” from the loading platform to the former entrance of the camp. Find out more at ag–bergen–