The Bergen-Belsen Memorial

Bergen-Belsen is an international site of remembrance. Monuments from the post-war period commemorate the over 70,000 people who died here between 1941 and 1945. A wide range of educational programmes offers a detailed insight into the complex history of the Bergen-Belsen POW and concentration camps and their lasting impact after 1945.

The extensive permanent exhibition presents original artefacts, personal accounts and photos covering the history of the POW camp, concentration camp and DP camp. Numerous video interviews with survivors form a special focus of the exhibition. There are also media stations with supplemental information, as well as a library. Changing temporary exhibitions offer an in-depth look at the topics touched on in the permanent exhibition.

An information system in the grounds of the former camp explains the structural remains that have been excavated there. This makes it possible for visitors to orient themselves and place the relics in their historical context.

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