The Redesign of the Memorial

Since 2000, the overall redesign project for the Bergen-Belsen Memorial has been funded by both the state of Lower Saxony and the German federal government. This has made it possible for the Memorial’s staff to carry out research in archives around the world and expand the Memorial’s collection of documents and objects relating to the history of the site. Through several interview projects, the Memorial has amassed an important collection of nearly 400 biographical video interviews with survivors of the POW and concentration camps as well as former inhabitants of the DP camp. The goal of the redesign project at Bergen-Belsen was to establish a Documentation Centre with a new permanent exhibition and to incorporate the entire site of the former camp into the Memorial. The Documentation Centre opened on 28 October 2007 in the presence of many survivors and their relatives. The redesign of the Memorial grounds should be completed by the end of 2011.

The Bergen-Belsen Memorial has received regular funding from the German government since 2009. This annual grant allows it to continue developing its educational programme, among other things.

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